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Wireless Racer mouse

Model PJ-MSLxW offers five practical buttons and advanced laser technology with a switchable resolution level of up to 1600 DPI. It also features Radio frequency technology of 2.4GHz, and it comes standard with a mini USB dongle to provide a wireless connection with your PC or notebook. The model PJ-MSLxW has low power consumption and we guarantee up to 650 hours of continuous use with two Alkaline batteries. It also has Plug-and-Play capability to make it easy for you to install, and it supports all Microsoft Windows OS including Vista. The design of the mouse is light and ergonomic, with rubber grips for a comfortable and pleasurable navigation. The PJ-MSLxW is available in three sizes to suit your comfort needs (the dimensions below are provided for medium size model). This mouse is part of the Prestigio Racer Collection, which offers other computer peripherals in similar color schemes.  


Tasarım ve Özellikler
Üretici adıPJ-MSL2W
Cihaz KonumuHarici
Bağlantı TeknolojisiKablosuz Bağlantı
Kablosuz Bağlantı TeknolojisiRF
Düğme Sayısı6
Max&Min Movement Resolution1600dots/inç
İşaretleme Aygıtı TeknolojisiLazer
Batarya TeknolojisiAlkalin
Desteklenen Batarya Tipi SınıfıAA/AAA
Maksimum Tepe Akımı Kapasitesi8.5 miliamper
Dış RenkCarbon/Red
Paket TipiPerakende
Boyutlar ve Ağırlık
Derinlik (mm)110 milimetre
Yükseklik (mm)35 milimetre
Genişlik66 milimetre
Nominal Ağırlık0.08 kilogram
Garantili Ürün İadesiEvet
Garanti Süresi (ay)24 ay
Garanti Doğrulama KriteriSeri Numarası
User manualbulgarian21.05.09İndir
User manualczech21.05.09İndir
User manualgerman21.05.09İndir
User manualestonian21.05.09İndir
User manualenglish21.05.09İndir
User manualfrench21.05.09İndir
User manualgreek21.05.09İndir
User manualcroatian21.05.09İndir
User manualhungarian21.05.09İndir
User manualitalian21.05.09İndir
User manualkazakh21.05.09İndir
User manuallithuanian21.05.09İndir
User manuallatvian, lettish21.05.09İndir
User manualdutch21.05.09İndir
User manualpolish21.05.09İndir
User manualromanian21.05.09İndir
User manualserbian21.05.09İndir
User manualrussian21.05.09İndir
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User manualturkish21.05.09İndir
User manualukrainian21.05.09İndir
Wireless Racer mouse
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