Prestigio Pocket Drive II
Pocket Drive II - Your data is so precious

Prestigio Pocket Drive II external hard drive is an extraordinary product for extraordinary people. It is so small that it usually stays hidden in your jacket or purse until you need to impress people or ... simply exchange information. Its leather covered body will leave an unmatched feeling but Pocket Drive II grabs you with more than its looks. It can store up to 100Gb of information and transfer it really quickly via high-speed USB 2.0 interface. For the device, that has dimensions of only 62x101x12 mm and weights only 110 g that is far more than impressive. 

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Black / Brown body, pocket size: 100x63x9 mm only
Leatherette carrying case
Up to 120 GB 1.8" HDD inside
Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface
One-Touch Backup
Security Function
Supported OS :
IBM PC compatible : Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP Windows 2003 Server/Vista
Mac OS : Mac OS 9.x and 10.x or higher (FAT32 format only)
Linux 2.4 or higher (FAT32 format only – check the FAQ section for details)
HDD External Drive Specifications
HDD External - Hard Drive Internal Form FactorHDD External - 1.8 inç
Depolama Kapasitesi80 gigabyte
HDD External - Installed Cache MemoryHDD External - N/A
HDD External - Installed SSD MemoryHDD External - N/A
Sektör Kapasitesi512 byte
HDD External - Cylinders QuantityN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Platters QuantityN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Heads QuantityN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Data Channel ExternalUSB 2.0 - HDD External
HDD External - Data Channel InternalATAPI - HDD External
Dönme HızıN/A
HDD External - Average Seek TimeN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Track-to-Track Seek TimeN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Maximum Seek TimeN/A - HDD External
İç Veri Bit HızıHDD External - N/A
Dış Veri Bit HızıHDD External - N/A
HDD External - Recoverable ErrorsN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Non-Recoverable ErrorsN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Mean Time Between FailuresN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Start / Stop CyclesN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Hard Drive FeaturesOne Touch Backup Function - HDD External , System Password Security - HDD External
Gereken İşletim SistemiApple Mac OS 10.X - HDD External , Apple Mac OS 9.0 or Later - HDD External , Microsoft Windows 2000 - HDD External , Microsoft Windows 98SE - HDD External , Microsoft Windows Me - HDD External , Microsoft Windows XP - HDD External , Microsoft Windows Vista - HDD External
HDD External - Supports RAID LevelN/A - HDD External
HDD External Interfaces
ArabirimlerUSB 2.0 - HDD External
HDD External - LANHDD External - N/A
HDD External - Wi-FiN/A - HDD External
HDD External - BluetoothHayır
Mevcut AksesuarlarTaşıma Çantası
Mevcut KabloUSB Kablosu
Dış RenkSilver/Black - HDD External
Pocket Drive II Backup SoftwareWin 2k/XPİndir
Pocket Drive II DriverWin 98/MEİndir
Pocket Drive II Security SoftwareWin 2k/XPİndir
Pocket Drive II
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