USB-Hub-Mouse-Pad mice

USB Hub & Mouse Pad - Add more features to customary device

This mouse pad can easily improve your work experience with the PC in no time. Simply plug it in any USB port on the PC and you have 4 more hispeed USB 2.0 ports to connect additional devices. It provides enough space for mouse movement and glows in blue neon light.

Hi-tech catalogue'09 (PDF, 7.9Mb)
Fashion catalogue '09 (PDF, 14.9Mb)


4-port hi-speed USB 2.0 hub to increase the number of USB ports
comfortable pad for every type of mouse
illuminant LED rim glows in blue neon light
Üretici adıPR34HUMP
Paket TipiPerakende
Derinlik (mm)20 milimetre
Yükseklik (mm)300 milimetre
Genişlik310 milimetre
Nominal Ağırlık0.33 kilogram
Garantili Ürün İadesiEvet
Garanti Süresi (ay)24 ay
Garanti Doğrulama KriteriSeri Numarası
USB Hub & Mouse Pad
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