Digital Media Center Adelante 364

Digital Media Center Adelante 364 - The Prestigious Multimedia Maestro.

Prestigio Digital Media Centers are unique all-in-one devices able to handle all computer and multimedia requirements of the home users. These are devices destined to become the heart of the Digital Home connecting all of its computer and home appliances. Just connect them to your TV, sit down on the sofa and dive into the fantastic world of modern multimedia!

The high performance of this product is ensured by rich integrated hardware and software capabilities. Prestigio DMC Adelante 364 is powered by AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors and runs on Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows XP MCE 2005. Its video system is based on Nvidia PureVideo Technology for improved high-definition (HD) video experience, superb picture clarity and high-quality full-screen video scaling, and supported by high-capacity memory.

One of the most attractive features of Prestigio digital media center Adelante 364 is the TV tuner with expanded recording capabilities based on a built-in HDD. It allows users to enjoy the Time Shift function - pausing and watching any TV broadcast from any selected moment, while recording and reproducing the actual broadcast.

Low noise and heat emission Special attention in design of this brand new Prestigio Digital Media Center was paid to ensuring the minimum possible level of noise and heat emission, the parameters which are very important for home AV devices. This has been achieved thanks to AMD Cool-n-Quiet technology which decreases CPU power consumption, allowing low noise level and heat dissipation within CE standard housing.

Digital Media Center Adelante 364 has truly universal connectivity options allowing for easy connection of any external multimedia device, analogue or digital, such as TVs, camcorders, video recorders, audio equipment, game consoles or personal computers, etc. Both wire and wireless connection of external devices is possible. In addition, this model is equipped with a DVD +/-RW drive for seamless play and recording of any media content.

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All-in-one integration of media recording, gaming, computing and communication devices
Full-scale, high performance personal computer based on MS Windows Vista Home Premium
True Hi-Fi component size equivalent to slim line DVD player
TV viewing and recording with Time Shift function
FM-radio listening
Direct connection to home theatre system with 7.1 analogue and digital (S/PDIF) audio outputs
Low noise and heat emission, fully CE standard compliant for home appliances
Remote control unit for all applications and wireless keyboard with built-in pointing device
Connectors for most multimedia devices
CE certified
İsimDMC Adelante 364
Sistem TipiPersonal Computer
Sistem Form FaktörüDesktop
Dahili AygıtlarTV Tuner
İşlemciAMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+
İç Saat Hızı2 GHz
Maks. İşlemci Veri Yolu Saat Hızı2000 megatransfers / saniye
İşlemci Soket StandardıSocket AM2
Kurulu İşlemci Sayısı1
Desteklenen Maksimum İşlemci Sayısı1
Kurulu L2 Önbellek Depolama Kapasitesi1024 kilobyte
Yonga SetiNvidia GeForce 6150
Bellek Form FaktörüDIMM 240-pin
Bellek Hızı667MHz(PC2-5300)
Kurulu Sistem Belleği Depolama Kapasitesi1 gigabyte
Bellek ÖzellikleriTwo DDR Channels
Depolama Denetleyici
Depolama Denetleyici Form FaktörüBütünleşik
Depolama Sabit Diski
Sabit Sürücü Tipistandard
Sabit Disk YeriDahili
Sabit Disk Arayüz TipiSerial-ATA II-300
Sabit Sürücü Sayısı1
Depolama Kapasitesi250 gigabyte
Dönme Hızı7200 döngü/dakika
Depolama Optik Sürücü
Disk Sürücü TipiDVD±RW/DVD±R9/DVD-RAM
Optik Sürücü KonumuDahili
Optik Sürücü Arabirim TipiATAPI
Panel KontrolleriEject button
Video Çıkış
Video Denetleyici Form FaktörüBütünleşik
Video Yonga SetiNvidia GeForce 6150
Video Bellek TipiPaylaşılan Video Belleği
Ses Çıkışı
Ses Denetleyici Form FaktörüBütünleşik
Input Cihaz Tipi
Input Cihaz TipiKlavye
Ağ Bağlantısı Özellikleri
Ağ Bağlantısı Form FaktörüBütünleşik
Desteklenen Data Link ProtokolüBluetooth
Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Ethernet
İşletim SistemiWindows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Mevcut YazılımGrisoft AVG Antivirus
InterVideo WinDVD 5
Mevcut KabloGüç Kablosu
Garantili Ürün İadesiEvet
Garanti Süresi (ay)24 ay
Garanti Doğrulama KriteriSeri Numarası
DMC Adelante 364
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