GeoVision_360 GPS_navigators_for_CIS

The GV360 was conceived to make your life easier, with simplicity and convenience in mind. It features a 3.5” touch screen display, and it offers detailed maps with visualization landmarks and road junctions for easy orientation wherever you go. It also displays thousands of points of interests (POI) such as gas stations, hotels and restaurants. Its user-friendly interface, large buttons and intuitive icons will enhance your navigation experience. Just like all Prestigio GPS navigators, the GV360 comes as standard with a two-year warranty and two years of free updates. Please note that this model is only available in Russia

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Fits best with Prestigio Smart Mount Compatible with Prestigio Car Smart Mount

USB Flash Drives in on-line shop Prestigio Plaza

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Smart address searching and address book

Expanded route planning with route history

3D road junctions and landmarks

Smart zoom

Warning about traffic enforcement cameras, police patrols, speed bumps, etc.

Clear and timely voice commands

Complete address maps for over 400 towns and centers of population

Boyutlar ve Ağırlık
Derinlik (mm)76 milimetre
Yükseklik (mm)100 milimetre
Genişlik23 milimetre
Nominal Ağırlık0.16 kilogram
Mevcut PaketКарты Навител Навигатор
Garantili Ürün İadesiEvet
Garanti Süresi (ay)12 ay
Garanti Doğrulama KriteriSeri Numarası
Paket Uzunluğu (mm)104 milimetre
Paket Genişliği (mm)194 milimetre
Paket Yüksekliği (mm)145 milimetre
Brüt Paket Ağırlığı (kg)0.6 kilogram
Net Paket Ağırlığı (kg)0.4 kilogram
Paketteki Parçalar1
Kutu Uzunluğu (mm)116 milimetre
Kutu Genişliği (mm)400 milimetre
Kutu Yüksekliği (mm)300 milimetre
Brüt Kutu Ağırlığı (kg)3 kilogram
Kutudaki Paketler4
Uluslararası Ürün Kodu5291485334321
ActiveSyncWin Vistaİndir
User manualrussian21.09.10İndir
GeoVision 360
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