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Pocket Drive 20-60GB - What’s mine is mine. Always everywhere with me.

Pocket Drive Prestigio features the slimmest cabinet and almost feather-light weight, making it an ideal data storage device for business people who need to work on the go and need to have their business data available immediately, virtually from their pocket. The Pocket Drive is also suitable for holiday-makers who are now able to carry large amounts of their favorite digitally stored information (files, photos, movies, music) everywhere they go. The Pocket Drive is a real Plug & Play device - just connect it to the USB port of the nearest computer and the data becomes immediately available at the incredible transfer rate of 480Mb/s, no additional software installation is required.

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Storage capacity: 20-60GB - large enough to back-up your important business data and photos, and carry a library of songs or movies any time, anywhere. Prestigio Pocket Drive easy stores 15000 digital photos, 60 hours of digital video, or more than 900 hours of digital music on 60GB model.
Interface: Hi-speed USB 2.0 - extremely fast (transfer rate 480Mb/s) and compatible both with 2.0 or USB 1.1 port.
The warranty periods for Prestigio mobile storages two (2) years. Please read Prestigio Limited Warranty Statement for detailed information.
HDD External Drive Specifications
HDD External - Hard Drive Internal Form FactorHDD External - 1.8 inç
Depolama Kapasitesi60 gigabyte
HDD External - Installed Cache MemoryHDD External - N/A
HDD External - Installed SSD MemoryHDD External - N/A
Sektör KapasitesiHDD External - N/A
HDD External - Cylinders QuantityN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Platters QuantityN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Heads QuantityN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Data Channel ExternalUSB 2.0 - HDD External
HDD External - Data Channel InternalN/A - HDD External
Dönme HızıN/A
HDD External - Average Seek TimeN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Track-to-Track Seek TimeN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Maximum Seek TimeN/A - HDD External
İç Veri Bit HızıHDD External - N/A
Dış Veri Bit HızıHDD External - 480 megabits/saniye
HDD External - Recoverable ErrorsN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Non-Recoverable ErrorsN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Mean Time Between FailuresN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Start / Stop CyclesN/A - HDD External
HDD External - Hard Drive FeaturesN/A - HDD External
Gereken İşletim SistemiN/A - HDD External
Pocket Drive 1,8"
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