Haziran 06, 2011

Prestigio MultiPad PMP3084B. How to add widgets.

Widgets are small programs that live on the home screen of your Tablet PC and are very useful, as they provide an at-a-glance look at lots of different kinds of information or grant you a quick access to your favorite applications. Widgets do not only save your time or extend your productivity; they are an amazing tool to personalize your device!
For the 7 series of Tablet PC, Prestigio Multipad PMP7100C and Prestigio MultiPad PMP7070C, Prestigio developed its own Prestigio Widget, called News-Weather-Clock.  But there are loads of other different widgets that you can install on your Tablet PC.

Let say you have Prestigio PMP3084, our outstanding eBook reader with a color display, which also is a great entry level Android  Tablet PC. Here we want to show you how to add the widgets to your device. 

Setting up a widget on your device is very easy.  First of all, before you proceed, make sure you have space for a new widget on your home screen. Since Prestigio PMP3084 comes with few home screens, you won’t even need to remove any of your existing widgets to get some free space for a new one. Simply move them around and select a screen that will be dedicated to a new widget of your choice.


Then you tap and hold the home screen to open the Add to Home screen pop-up window
After Add to Home screen window has appeared, you'll then see the Widgets option among other icons. Click on Widgets in order to access all of the widgets currently found on your device. 
 Once in the widget screen simply navigate to the widget that you want to place on your homescreen.  Typically you will find several already available widgets, plus any you have installed yourself. You can scroll through your widgets if there are numerous options to choose from.
Simply clicking on the widget you want to use will then add that widget to your home screen. Click on your home screen button and if the widget appears you're all set for use. 



Based on Android v2.1, Prestigio MultiPad PMP3084B supports all sort of widgets, their functions ranging from clock, music, system information, battery, calendar, Facebook, dictionary, and many many more.  Customize your device the way you want and have the ultimate Android experience with Prestigio!


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