Haziran 08, 2011

Wake up to Prestigio. iPod Alarm Clock Speaker PIS4

Prestigio iPod speakers are systems that will fill your room with excellent sound quality, taking little place and adding style to your interior. Prestigio line up of iPod speakers includes four different models (PIS1, PIS2, PIS3, PIS4), each of them representing stylish and convenient gadgets, perfectly meeting your entertainment needs.

We want to focus, however, on Prestigio PIS4, an alarm clock speaker system, specially designed for your bedroom. This stylish clock radio not only allows you to indulge yourself in your favorite music, but also features a number of great and very useful functions, such as: digital clock, alarm settings, remote control, FM radio.
The triple alarm clock function will let you wake to your choice of either radio, buzzer or your favorite tune on the iPod.  This way you could have up to three independent alarm times and wake sounds, which is always safer and preferred by many.

The full range stereo speakers in Prestigio PIS4 are of great quality, there are also different EQ modes, permitting you to dial in the best sound for the situation. Aside from fitting all types of iPods, this speaker has an auxiliary input for other external audio sources (MP3, DVD, CD). The model is also provided with a nice remote control, which has all the options and can be an extremely useful feature.
The design of Prestigio PIS4 is hard to underestimate: drenched in shiny silver on the front with black chrome sides, the model has blue backlit LCD Display, that makes it beautiful and easy to read in the dark.
Prestigio iPod Speaker PIS4 is a combination of superior design, performance, and value, making a perfect gift for anyone who prefers convenience and style.



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